I know of no other bird-hunting facility with the quality and quantity of birds, plus where else can you come in and get homemade cookies. - Pat / Salem,OR
This is a fantastic Pheasant Hunting Ranch. There is alot of wild and ranch birds. Lots of land to hunt on with a wide variety of cover. Jim and Lori are great people to work with. - Robert / Redmond,OR
The variety of cover is great! It holds the wild birds as well as ranch birds. The casual environment makes for a great relaxing hunt. - Ron / Redmond,OR
I like the variety of cover for the birds as well as being able to do our own thing on the Ranch. - Greg / Redmond,OR
Great pheasant hunting for both wild birds and Ranch birds. The various areas of the Ranch make for a great hunt. Jim and Lori Nelson provide great hunting and are great hosts! - Ken Sayler / Battle Ground, WA
Excellent Pheasant Hunting. Definitely a place worth coming to again. - Kal Farr / Highland, UT
Excellent hunting! The group in this picture shot 62 birds in one day. - Scott Crowther / Tooele, Utah